Continuous Improvement Software

OpexDrive is your online platform for driving and coordinating all of your Operational Excellence activity.

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OpexDrive Key Features

There are many challenges when striving for excellence!

We’ve heard the same challenges again and again in over 20 years of working in
the field of Operational Excellence.

It was to help organisations burst through these difficulties that we built OpexDrive.

We believe that Operational Excellence teams should be equipped with the latest digital technology to support their quest.

OpexDrive provides functionality which pulls people into your continuous improvement and innovation activity and engages them in systematically striving for ever-higher levels of performance.

Where are you now? Where are you heading next?

To travel well, you need to know your current position as well as your future destination.

Self assessment using our built in excellence model, or one you create yourself within our user friendly digital system, pinpoints your current status as well as your next target.

OpexDrive comes ready with sophisticated, yet easy to use, assessment functionality and includes workflows which are certain to engage your organisation in pursuing excellence.

…but, Assessment is just the start. Access all the tools necessary to take performance to the next level and let OpexDrive do the heavy lifting through automated coordination of your chosen route.

When people are engaged, you're halfway there.

…yet keeping people engaged can be a task and a half!

OpexDrive works on the basis of empowering people to take responsibility for improvement in their area.

The platform notifies those empowered people of the next actions they need to take. The system pulls progress forward, rather than the OpEx Team having to push.

Visibility of the plans, why they are important, how they link to strategy, what KPIs will be impacted, who’s on the teams, and who’s leading the projects is all just a click away.

Automated data analytics displays status and progress for all to see.

20 Years and > 100 Clients in Operational Excellence

With OpexDrive you are not just getting an outstanding online platfom.

We have been supporting clients with Operational Excellence services for more than 20 years.

We understand and also teach improvement methodologies, such as Lean and Six Sigma, to the highest levels.

We also facilitate Strategy Development and Execution to create a cohesive journey forward.

Hence we provide not just technical application help, but also extensive advice and support on your continuous improvement and operational excellence activities and plans